Moving Your Pool Table

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Professional Pool Table Removalists

Moving your pool table is going to be a pretty big task. It’s best to just get a professional mover who has the expertise, the right equipment and experience in moving pool tables. They’re big and they’re heavy….extremely heavy, you’re looking at 300kg plus. Most modern pool tables are made of slate. That’s rock, or stone, quarried right out of the ground. This makes moving a pool table a dangerous and delicate job. No one wants a pool table dropped on their toes or fingers, let alone slipping a disk in your back. Not only this but a lot of people don’t realise how delicate the slate actually is and end up damaging or warping the table. This will have a massive effect on how the pool table functions when we play.


How to prepare your pool table for the move

pool table removalists
You also might think that you can help by taking the pool table apart before the movers get there. But it’s not as simple as just unscrewing the legs, like a dinning table. There’s screws, bolts, staples and lots of large pieces. And you’ll need a variety of tools and 4 or 5 of your burliest mates. There’s removing the pockets and the side rails, and then there’s removing the felt. This all on it’s own requires some skill so as not to tear the felt and then there’s putting it back on at the tables new location. That and it’s very time consuming. The slate can also be in several carefully fitted pieces and also has to be re-leveled in its new location. Each piece has to be labelled, wrapped and packed properly and carefully. The wooden structure itself also comes apart in several pieces, much like a timber slated bed.


Still thinking of moving your pool table yourself?


Still thinking of moving your pool table yourself? Didn’t think so. It truly is the best decision to hire a professional mover to relocate your pool table for you. They’re experience and know what they are doing. After all, our pool tables are expensive take pride of place in our rumpus or media rooms. Why else do we send our favourite possessions “straight to the pool room”!large pool table moving services