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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have prepared a list of our most commonly asked questions and tips

How much does it cost to move

We offer an affordable hourly fee, for two or three fit staff and are delighted to provide honest flat rate quotations via phone, online quote or our live chat service. Our website contains the a quoting app here and links to our live chat. All of our rates and charges are included in our transparent Pricing Policy, which is yet another reason why so many people choose First Choice Removals as their moving service partner.

We also understand that when hiring removal services, you must stay within your budget. As a result, our professional staff is always ready to provide you with honest advice to help reduce your out of pocket costs. Call us right away for a competitive quote with no hidden fees.

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Do you offer transit insurance?

While this may vary between Gold Coast removalists companies, at First Choice Removals we include moving insurance free with every local or interstate move. We want everyone’s precious items to be safe. Therefore, instead of haggling and putting pressure on clients to decide to take the risk we decided to include transit insurance free to all customers. While the risks of disaster are very low with our outstanding track record, due to our better training and care taken we want every customer to have piece of mind when their belongs are in transit.

Do you move Pianos?

Yes, we do move upright Piano’s, but we need to be made aware of this during the quoting process as we may require specialized equipment on the day.


Cost of transporting a piano

If you are moving house with us at the same time, it will be included in the overall cost of moving your house hold. We can also move Pianos on their own with our small moves service and this is quoted on an hourly basis. Note: Moving a piano can take up a more time and great care needs to be taken.

Do you move Pool Tables, Spas and Gym Equipment

Yes, with house hold moves and we also have a small move service for single items.


Where should I start with planning my move?

The best advice we have is to start as early as possible. Create a to do list (rough at first is fine) and slow chip away at it, instead of leaving it all to the last minute.

We have a comprehensive set of tips and guides on our website here

What should we not pack when moving house?

Flammable Liquids

Petrol, lighter fluid, Methylated spirits and some acids are highly flammable and will agitate in transit. Additionally, the back of a moving truck can become extremely hot even on short trips in the Queensland heat.

House Hold Cleaners

For example bleach can give off highly toxic fumes and even react with seemingly inert substances resulting in fire and even fatal explosions.

Garden pesticides

In addition to the health risk to staff some pesticides can react and/or be flammable.

Aerosol cans

During transport there is the risk of compression or rupture of an pressurized vessel. This can result in explosion, flammable gas or toxic fumes.

Gas Bottles

Obviously a high risk of flammable gas leak or rupture during transit.

Ammunition and Firearms

This may seem apparent, but ammunition should never be transported in the rear of a moving vehicle. If the ammo becomes heated, a dangerous situation will ensue. If you must pack and transport munitions, make sure it is done in a cool, air-conditioned vehicle. Also, keep your ammunition separate from your weaponry.


Batteries can leak or be punctured during transport becoming highly flammable, the fluid/gas that can leak is highly corrosive and toxic to human, animal and property.

Identification Documents

You always want to keep your ID handy, you never know when you need it. Especially during Covid lockdowns

Cash, Bullion, Wills, Deeds, Jewelry and other valuables

Never pack valuables in the boxes that the moving truck will transport. There is just no guarantee that they will not be lost or stolen, so carry them with you to be safe.

Perishable foods

Food and plants, for example, may perish or deteriorate while in transit. Before loading, you should empty your refrigerator and freezer for at least 24 hours. Keep the appliance doors open to allow the appliance to dry out and prevent mould and odour buildup.

Covid19 Vaccine Passports

Especially during lockdowns and for across border travel you may need this document at arms reach so you can continue your trip. Even if things are fine on the day please keep this document on your person as things can change with little notice.

Do you assemble and disassemble beds and furniture?

Yes, your bed furniture can and will be assembled and disassembled by our movers. In reality, some objects, such as bed frames, will need to be disassembled in order to be moved safely. Either you or the moving company will do this. It’s best to let them know ahead of time that you will need this service as it will require more time and may require special tools. Gold Coast removalists will generally charge their standard hourly rates. If you want your beds specially packed you need to mention this during the quoting process. However, if you over look this we will be happy to help the best we can on the day at our normal hourly rate.

Is it okay to leave clothes and items in draws?

Leaving some garments or lightweight linens on the dresser will not harm it in most cases. However, if the dresser is overflowing with clothes or other goods, it will. The dresser will most likely need to be moved upstairs, through corners, and put on its side. In cases where the furniture is extremely heavy the draws maybe removed and over packed draws increase the risk of damage and or accidental loss.

My property has a long driveway or poor access is that okay?

No problem at all. Please let us know the type of access we have before hand and we will bring the appropriate equipment to aide the safe moving of your furniture and precious items. Our team are extremely fit so long flights of stairs, long driveways and paths are no obstacle.

I live in a high-rise apartment can you still move me?

We specialise in apartment moves throughout the Gold Coast and greater South East Queensland region. We have the equipment to make it easier and the fitness to carry furniture and appliances up many flights of stairs if a service elevator is not available.

I'm moving my business to my home, can you move my office?

Yes we are offices movers along with: retail businesses, hotels, motels, Airbnbs to new premises or into our short and long term storage service options. We can offer a full pack and unpack office service 7 days a week or partial to move only service.

I need to move my business into Storage can you help?

Yes we can. We can help pack, move and store you business furnishings short and long term until you need them. We can also move them to your premises and help set them up again.

Do you move smaller one off items?

If time allows we are happy to pickup and deliver items you may want to move or have bought online or via ebay.

Can you move my Safe?

Within reason we can move a safe under 200 kilograms in most cases. Please mention this when we are quoting as some safes are extremely heavy and require specialist equipment to move.

What do movers move first?

For starters, you’re going to want to load all of your heaviest, big and regular shaped items on to the truck first. This means all of your large appliances will be loaded before anything else. It’s best to load these things all the way in the back of the truck, against the far wall closest to the cab.

Therefore, it’s very important to have your fridge and freezers unpacked and ready to go first thing. Also, clearing access to those items will help speed up the moving process and save you money.

Can we help with the move?

If you wish to assist your movers, you should first consult with them. Call us for advice on how you would best aide the move and stay safe. The best thing you can do is compile your packed items and make them easy to access before they arrive.

examples: boxes stacked into easily carried or trolled piles. Items gathered up and secured to make them easy to carry and stack.

Do you have different sized trucks?

We have different sized trucks, vans and multiply truck teams.  We can also supply you with the correct amount of man power to make your move as efficient as possible.  Most houses require a 2-3 man team of removalists

Are you an approved essential service and can you cross the border during lockdowns?

Yes, we are an approved essential service and can transport your items across the NSW / QLD border.  Our normal run is Sydney to North Queensland and everywhere in-between. We are very careful to be aware of any changes that might happen hour to hour with the border crossing process.

Can you transport during lockdowns?

Yes, we are an approved essential service and can transport your items across the NSW / QLD border.  Our normal run is Sydney to North Queensland and everywhere in-between. We are very careful to be aware of any changes that might happen hour to hour with the border crossing process.

Is this moving service COVID Safe?

Our top priority is the safety and well-being of both our customers and our employees. Please be assured that we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation daily and are adhering to all local and interstate government regulations that may affect your move. We also receive daily updates from the Australian Furniture Removals Association (AFRA) to ensure that we act on information is up to date and meets all of our specifications.

Queensland Health Border Restrictions

Don't be fooled, a cheap hourly rate maybe expensive

In addition to the factors previously mentioned, the cost of your house, office, or business move will be determined by the amount of time it takes and the number of removalists hired (often 2 or 3 individuals) when you receive a quotation for your move. Please be warned that some dishonest movers will quote you very low hourly or half-hourly rates in order to get your business, then work very slowly on the day of the move or surprise you with additional expenditures in order to make more money. Fortunately, quality detailed customer evaluations are the most effective method of identifying a reputable moving business that follows through on its claims. More than 200 reviews of removalists may be found here.

Are removalists cheaper to hire on weekdays

Yes, if you can avoid moving on a weekend or public holiday you will be able to save some money on your removalists costs.

As reputable movers will are able to provide you with an accurate estimate of your moving costs, which will include any additional fees that you may incur if you move during a high period, such as a weekend or a public holiday. When we discuss your move and the costs, it’s also a good idea to enquire about substitute days and times, especially if you have any wiggle room in your moving schedule. Why? Because we may be able to offer lower prices on non weekend days.

Can you transport my firearms and ammunition

Unfortuntely, we can not transport firearms or munitions of any nature. We can transport empty firearm safes or lockboxes.

Does First Choice Removals work after hours, weekends and public holidays

Yes, you can book us to move you 24/7 365 days of the year subject to availability. We can be booked to move you after hours, weekends and public holidays. In most cases we are permitted as an essential worker to move even during lockdowns in most cases.

How can I contact First Choice Removals after hours

Burleigh Heads Office

Telephone Number: 07 55 767 618
Mobile: 0412 299 653
Email: firstchoiceremovals@hotmail.com
Facebook Page: Facebook
Livechat: https://m.me/FirstChoiceRemovals
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What QLD Cities do you do removals between

Gold Coast to:










Hervey bay


Mount Isa


Logan City










Port Douglas



Noosa Shire













South Brisbane





Airlie Beach





How do you handle fragile or precious delicate items?

We will take extra special care of your prized and important items, whether monetary or sentimental in nature. These items will be packed and padded with industrial strength bubble wrap when we pack them for you. All employees are taught how to pack glassware, paintings, photos, mirrors, statues, antique furniture, lamps, vases, and other delicate, odd-shaped goods. Depending on its size, the item will be covered in felt blankets before being securely secured and supported in the moving truck – alternatively, it will be placed in a well-padded, properly labelled, robust box.


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