Why Moving Can Be A Good Thing

Moving to a new house

Most people dread moving day – all the effort in packing everything up, the timing involved in being out by one date and in the next place by another, and coordinating removalists, utility changes, phone plans and the like. It can be a logistical nightmare.

While we’ve talked previously about how to pack efficiently and enjoy a stress-free move, we’d also like to talk about how moving house can be a good thing.


It’s surprising how many things you can forget you actually have. Packing up and moving house can sometimes be a period of rediscovery; books you might want to re-read, clothes that are back in fashion, camping gear you’ve hardly used, and all kinds of things to renew interest in old habits or hobbies.

But not everything will be worth keeping…Sorting through old memories

A Chance To Declutter

It’s easy to accumulate a lot of, not necessarily junk, but items you don’t really need. Sometimes moving house is just the twist of the arm you need to sort through everything and get rid of all the excess. It’s a whole lot easier to just not pack the things you don’t need, than to go through and spring clean on your own steam.

Make Some Cash

On the same note, as decluttering, some of those things you don’t really need may be worth something. If you have two couches and only need one, now’s the time to list a few things for sale. When people buy furniture on GumTree, they usually come and collect it themselves, saving you the effort of having to move the heavy item out for a garage sale.

Change Can Be Better Than A Holiday

Sometimes a simple change of scenery can be all you need to renew your outlook and bring back your motivation. With a new house or apartment, you’ll redecorate, reorganise, and create new habits and routines in a new part of town. Make the most of this and embrace life anew.


If you’re moving into a bigger place, or it’s just time to replace a few things, now is the time to enjoy redecorating. Head down to Ikea or your favourite furniture store and start planning how your new abode is going to look and what sort of pad it will be.

New Neighbours

This could be one of those glass half full/empty scenarios, but moving house usually means discovering new neighbours.

Housewarming partyYou get a fresh new start with new people who can probably give you a few hints about the local area such as cafes, restaurants, and even the fastest route home during peak hour.

Finally… It’s Time To Party!

The best part of any move is always the housewarming party once the whole ordeal is over. You have a clean new place, it’s nicely decorated, and you now have an excuse to invite everyone come over to check it out and celebrate with you.

You can even invite the new neighbours to get to know them better.

Great Removalists

Hiring a good removalist crew can also be a great part of moving house. First Choice Removals have over 25 years’ experience and can make your move as stress free and enjoyable as possible. Call us on 07 5576 7618 to make a booking, or get a quote online today.