Stress-free Moving Tips

Image by Nick RiceHere it is – the first article of our new removalist blog. This is where we’ll be offering all kinds of hints, tips and advice to make your move easier.

There are plenty of subject areas we could get really in depth with, but for now we thought we’d start with a basic list of things you can do in the lead up to moving day to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

When to start packing

Image by ActiveSteveHow long it actually takes to pack everything you own is often a surprise. Try not to leave things to the last minute and start packing early. You don’t use everything you own every day, so it won’t hurt to start packing some of your lesser used items a week out from the move. Start a box for things like decorative items, books, guest kitchenware, sporting goods and even out of season clothes. You can order packing boxes online.

Have a discard pile

Moving makes you realise just how much you do own, and how little of it you use. Rather than paying for your removalists to relocate a bunch of items you’ll be getting rid of as soon as you unpack, start a discard pile as you go. You can either take this stuff to your local op-shop, post it on GumTree to make some extra cash, or even hold a garage sale a week or two before you move. You’ll make some money, have less to move and less to unpack.

Moving furniture in pieces

Image by ActiveSteveObviously your furniture removalists will do all the heavy lifting, that’s what they’re there for. But if you’re pulling anything apart – bed frames, table legs, connectors for the couch – make sure you keep the parts with the item they’re meant for.

Put all of that stuff in a bag, tie it off and tape it to the furniture it goes with. That way you won’t lose them and you’ll be able to put everything together easily at the other end.

Cleaning items

If you’re going to be cleaning the old place after everything has been moved out make sure you leave behind all the cleaning products you need. We’ve seen plenty of people at the last minute start cracking open boxes trying to figure out which one contains the Chux cloths and Windex. You can take the rest of these items to the new place after you’ve finished cleaning the old. If all else fails you can get a professional window cleaner to help with the work.

Pack an esky

You’re obviously not going to do a grocery shop before you move, so what’s left in the fridge should fit in an esky. Make sure there are snacks, sandwiches and drinks at the top and take it with you in the car. This way you’ll have access to a refreshing drink or bite to eat when you need it throughout the long day.

Overnight bag

Image by Achim HeppBefore you finish packing everything into boxes make sure you put together an overnight bag with a change of clothes, toiletries and something to sleep in, and take it with you in the car (along with the esky).

This is not so much in case something goes wrong with the move (though we’ve seen settlements fall through at the last minute) but more for the first night in the new home.

After a day of moving you may not feel like unpacking. That overnight bag means you don’t have to – just order some take away, go to bed and get started on unpacking tomorrow when you’re fresh and rested.

If you’re planning a move on the Gold Coast call First Choice Removals to book with experienced local removalists today.