Moving to Storage

Storage facilitiesThere are plenty of reasons for moving everything from your home into a storage facility.

We often get calls from people who will be travelling or working overseas for an extended time. As well as people temporarily downsizing as they build their own home or wait for settlement to go through.

While this usually gets treated like a regular move, there are a number of things you should consider and do differently if you’re moving your furniture and possessions into storage.

Storage Boxes

You can get away with whatever old boxes you can get your hands on for quick, short moves. If everything’s going to be in storage for a while, those worn out, taped together boxes will gradually sag and fall apart. Do yourself a favour and get sturdy, new boxes for storage moves. Having consistent sizes also makes it easier to stack.

You can order boxes and packing supplies from us.

Packing Hints

  • Put heavy items in smaller boxes
  • Use cushion and packing materials to protect breakables
  • Don’t overfill boxes
  • Don’t half fill boxes either (or at least label half full boxes) as this isn’t stable for stacking
  • Line boxes with clean garbage bags for an extra layer of protection for items like clothes

Labelling your Boxes

While fairly important for any home relocation, for storage it’s essential. By the time you empty out your storage facility you won’t remember what the box labelled “lounge room” actually contained. You can save yourself a lot of time on the other side of storage by putting in a little detail. Either number your boxes and make an inventory as you go (safely storing the inventory so it doesn’t go missing) or make a title and content list on each box; Lounge Room – DVDs, remotes, speakers


If you can get your hands on some pallets they can be used to keep your items off the floor. Storage facilities are usually pretty well protected against the elements outside, but you can’t guarantee there’s nothing leaking in the neighbouring storage locker.

Hiring a Removalist

We can do better than this.

People often try to do the move into storage themselves, borrowing one of the trucks or trailers at the facility and loading the storage container themselves because they don’t want to have to pay for removalists twice. This usually ends up taking much longer than expected and sometimes sees DIYers running out of room and having to get a larger storage room or container. Not to mention the damage that can occur to poorly stacked items.

Our removalists are experienced in packing trucks efficiently, as well as storing items in a way that avoids unnecessary damage. We can stack furniture, boxes and other items with Tetris precision to make the most of your storage space, and avoid the risk of damage over the long term.

Over the years we’ve created long term relationships with a number of reputable storage facilities throughout the Gold Coast. If you’re planning a move into storage we can help with finding the best storage solution to suit you, and create a move and store package to make things easier.

Talk to us about your move today.