Moving House Check List

Moving house can be a stressful process, especially since it’s something most of us don’t do very often. We help people throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast to move house every day and we’ve worked out a few handy tricks over the years to make things simpler.


  • Try to reduce the number of perishables in the refrigerator and freezer
  • Have an Eski on hand for both storage and a few cold drinks
  • Minimise stress by packing some items away in a spare room
  • Call upon a friend or family member to take the children out for the day or organise a sleepover at a friend’s house
  • Make sure your animals are out of harm’s way
  • Label boxes clearly and indicate which way is up
  • Make sure each box is marked for the appropriate room of the house
  • Make sure your electricity, phone and gas are connected at the new house
  • Make sure your electricity, phone and gas are disconnected at the old house the day after your move
  • Advise family and friends of your new address and phone number
  • Pack heavy items over a number of different boxes – mix with light items, on the top – and label clearly
  • Place linen on the bottom and tops of boxes
  • Pack fragile items in small boxes
  • Ensure lawn mowers/whipper snippers and gas bottles for the BBQ are empty of fuel/gas so they are able to loaded on the truck


It also helps to book your removalists as soon as possible. Call us to book your move today and ask about packing boxes, as well as our packing and unpacking service.