Life Hacks for Packing

Making moving simplerThere are plenty of life hacks out there for storage within your home, but clever storage often means you have more to pack than you first thought when it comes to moving time.

Make the most of these packing hacks when you move house to save on storage space, protect your breakables, and result in a smoother, stress free move.

Hacking Packing

Before you unplug the TV, entertainment system, computer or anything with complicated cables, snap a picture of where everything goes.

Packing CablesRoll up and stuff cables and power cords into cardboard toilet rolls. It stops them from unravelling and tangling during the move, and you can label them for which appliance they belong.

Slide your hanging clothes into garbage bags (the kind with ties). Tie them off and also tie or tape around the hangers in bundles of around 10. Makes packing and unpacking quick and easy, and keeps clothes dry if you end up moving in the rain.

Wrap breakables like glassware, dishes, statues etc. in old shirts and jumpers. It saves on bubble wrap and you’re only packing things you were going to take with you anyway.

socksIf you have thick (clean) socks you can even slide glasses in for individual pocketed padding.

If you have paper or styrofoam plates for parties, you can also stack your regular plates with these in-between to prevent breakages.

Whether it’s sauces, cleaning products, shampoo or moisturiser, use cling wrap to cover the tops and prevent any messy explosions in transit.

numbering-boxesColour code or number boxes as you pack them so you know where they go at the other end. Lounge room boxes labelled “1”, kitchen labelled “2”, bedrooms 3, 4 and 5…

When you label boxes, do it on the sides. If you stack everything you’ll have to pull down the whole pile just to see what’s in each.

Roll up your clothes when packing them. It makes them easier to fit and saves lots of space.

screwsUse zip lock bags for screws, nuts and bolts from dissembled furniture. Use one bag for each item and tape it to the main part so you know which screws go with which table.

If you’re moving interstate or putting things in storage for a spell before moving into your new home, number all your boxes as you seal them. Record the final number (and the contents of each if you want to get really detailed) then mark each number off at the other end. If you have 1 through to 30, but there’s no 25, you’ll know you’re missing something.

If you need packing poxes for your move or you still need to arrange a removalist for the big day, contact us at First Choice Removals. We can provide a free no-obligation quote.